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Watch Bishop-Designate TJ McBride Every Week!

Bishop-Designate TJ McBride leads Tabernacle of Praise Church Int'l every Sunday with a powerful word from God. Tune in live on Sundays at 9AM and 11AM on our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe and never miss a moment of God's revelation!

Winning in Faith Weekly Broadcast

We are expanding our television broadcast to reach more individuals with our "Winning in Faith" broadcast with Pastor T.J. McBride.


Sundays 4:30pm EST - WATC Channel 57 (Atlanta)


Saturdays 11:00am EST - DirecTV Channel 379


Wednesdays 7:00pm MT - KAZQ TV - Channel 32 (New Mexico, parts of Arizona and Colorado)

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Become A Partner

If you feel called to help Pastor McBride minister this life-changing gospel around the world, we need your support. As a partner, you will receive a monthly partner letter as well as access to a library of ministry resources from T.J. McBride Ministries. 

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