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Miracle Declarations

I want you to realize that even in the midst. of a pandemic, God is STILL God. You have power in your mouth to declare anything and, as a kingdom citizen and a child of God, it shall come to pass! Declare these declarations over yourself and your family and believe that what you declare shall manifest in your life.

Healing Miracle

I declare and decree that the Lord is Jehovah-Rapha, God my healer. He has promised to take sickness and disease away from me. He has promised to satisfy me with long life. God, you are my healer and I believe in your promises for me. I bind satan from attacking my mind, my body and my health. I am healed because of the stripes of Jesus and I am covered by His blood. God, I now receive your miracle working power to heal every sickness, disease, pain and infirmity that has attacked my body. Therefore, I declare and decree that I AM HEALED!

Deliverance Miracle

I declare and decree that God is my deliverer and I am free in the Name of Jesus. I thank you Lord that the Son has made me free and I am no longer bound by the enemy. I am redeemed from all evil and I am blessed of the Lord. I am an overcomer and I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ. My mind is renewed and my steps are ordered by God. I am free from depression, oppression, addictions, strongholds, generational curses, and all evil works of the devil. No weapon that is formed against me will prosper and I have total victory. Therefore, I declare and decree that I AM FREE!

Financial Miracle

I declare and decree that the Lord is the unfailing, unlimited source of my supply. He gives me power to get wealth to establish his covenant on the earth. I am blessed in the city and blessed in the field. I am blessed going in and blessed coming out. There is no lack in my life, for God supplies all my needs. My bank accounts, investments, and businesses will thrive and flourish. God will bless the works of my hands and everything I do will prosper. Because I am a faithful tither and giver in the kingdom, the windows of heaven are open over my life and wealth and riches are in my house. I am debt free and owe no man nothing but to love him. Therefore, I declare and decree that I AM BLESSED!

Teachers and Students Declaration

Father, in Jesus Name, we pray for every teacher and every student this year. We thank you that every teacher is equipped with wisdom, knowledge and patience for their classroom and students.  Fill them with fresh enthusiasm to teach. We thank you that every student will achieve and excel in every subject and every assignment. Fill them with fresh enthusiasm and energy to learn and grow. We ask your angels of protection to surround those at school and at home. Keep them from sickness, disease, hurt, harm and danger.  In the midst of a challenging school year, give them strength and grace to persevere. We give you praise that this year will be one of the best years for our teachers, staff and students.  In Jesus Name...AMEN!

You can download a .pdf version of Miracle Declarations by clicking below!

Miracle Declarations
Download PDF • 87KB

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